Jersey Design

Client: Team Fusion

Skills Used: Design

Project Date: 2014

About Team Fusion

Team Fusion was an esports organization that competed in Riot Games’ League of Legends championship circuit. The team, which was comprised of popular veteran players, quickly garnered a large following for its strong social media presence, unique branding, and strong content strategy.

Project Overview

I designed a jersey for esports organization Team Fusion to be worn during live events, in promotional material, and on broadcast. This jersey needed to be distinct, true to the team’s branding, and bold enough to be instantly recognizable.

Design Decisions

My primary goal when designing the Team Fusion jersey was was to maintain the spirit of the team’s branding–dark and sleek. I put the team’s logo front-and-centre to best introduce the relatively new team’s brand to viewers watching the broadcasts. I used patterns to subtly fill the white space, with geometric accents using the team’s primary brand colours.


Besides Team Fusion’s numerous content pieces (released on their website, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook), the team wore these jerseys to live events and competitions. Most notably, Team Fusion’s presence at events like the NA LCS 2015 Spring Expansion and the NA LCS Summer 2015 Promotion, two events that attracted around 100,000 concurrent viewers.

Jersey Mockup - Front

Jersey Mockup - Back

Jersey Print File - Front

Jersey Print File - Back