Digital Marketing Strategy

Client: Peqish

Skills Used: Marketing, Copywriting

Project Date: Oct-Dec 2015

About Peqish

Peqish is a Vancouver-based food company focused on providing fresh, high-quality products to its health-conscious customers. Driven by the motto “Eat. Right. Now.”, it’s Peqish’s mission to prepare and serve grab-and-go food that’s healthy, locally-sourced, and most of all – delicious.


Increased Instagram engagement


Instagram followers gained


Instagram followers gained

The Objective

From our team’s initial meetings with Peqish, we learned the team was having a hard time growing their brand online. For a small team, establishing and maintaining a strong social media presence can be both difficult and time-consuming.

In Vancouver’s saturated food industry, creative digital marketing is key to carving out a niche for a business like Peqish. Our team’s goal was to create, plan and test an Instagram-based social media strategy built to increase brand awareness, generate social engagement, and ultimately capture more customers.


Due to Peqish’s limited use of social media, our team focused on building an Instagram strategy for Peqish from the ground-up that was both comprehensive and easy-to-follow.

To minimize the time spent by the Peqish team on content creation, we recommended they take and edit creative photos on a flagship smartphone (e.g. iPhone or Samsung Galaxy), instead of waiting for their photographer to schedule shoots for their products.

We also recommended Peqish use a tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to make it easy for Peqish to schedule posts in advance, recommending they post at least once a day to maintain social presence.

Finally, we proposed Peqish employ hashtags strategically to boost brand reach and engagement in their target markets (millennials in Downtown Vancouver and at UBC).

We suggested several types of hashtags: general food hashtags (#foodie, #food, #healthy), location-based (#vancouverfoodie, #yvreats), and target-market-related (#UBC, #iamUBC).


Peqish allowed us to run their Instagram account for one week, during which we put our recommendations to the test. We posted simple photos of Peqish products and added a few hashtags from the recommended categories.

We noticed an immediate spike in engagement — the first photo we posted amassed more than 90 likes. Though not a particularly significant number compared to the industry average, it marked a drastic increase over Peqish’s average of about 15 likes.

After implementing our strategy, Peqish’s increased Instagram engagement persisted.


Our team created several deliverables for Peqish:

  • A full digital marketing plan report, outlining our recommendations for Peqish’s social media strategy in addition to other insights on Google AdWords and email marketing

  • A “how-to” guide to Instagram, covering the basics of taking and editing photos for social media using only a smartphone
  • A presentation summarizing key points of the marketing plan